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Meet Norman!

Meet Norman! 🐷💚

A few weeks ago we were contacted about a pig who was at a local council pound. He had been roaming around the Sunshine Coast area and despite waiting for weeks for his owners to come forward and pick him up, no one came to claim him. Things weren’t looking so bright for the little fella. His time at the pound was up, and there was no where safe for this little piggy to go…💔

We quickly put a call out to our community, before we could commit to taking him on we needed financial help. We needed enough Monthly sponsors to cover his feed, vet/medical fees and the transportation cost of getting him back to Happily Heifer After. In a matter of a day we managed to raise $100 in NEW monthly sponsors to help bring him to safety.

We made plans to pick him up the next day. He was safe!🐷

He is settling in well, making friends with his fellow Pig friends- Will, Grace, Trotski and Pumpkin and getting used to a brand new environment. Once Norman passes his relevant health checks he will be available for adoption! Do you think you can offer him the perfect home?

If you would like to support our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in need, consider becoming a monthly sponsor or making a once-off donation. Your contribution will help us cover the cost of food, shelter, and medical care for these deserving animals. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals just like Norman who need our help!

You can make a one off donation via the below link:


Become a monthly sponsor here:

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