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Meet our Team



Founder - Board of Directors

Michelle wants to live in a world where kindness is common, animals are valued as sentient beings, and good vegan chocolate is much cheaper!

Growing up surrounded by animals, and with a background in vet nursing, Michelle has the knowledge and experience to oversee the exceptional care of our residents. The face of Happily Heifer After Social Media, Michelle shares the heart-breaking, inspiring and beautiful stories of our animals with compassion, humour and the stark reality of what human intervention does to these exceptional creatures. 



Assistant Sanctuary Manager

Jas has always loved animals. As a teenager her family rescued a scared and angry horse, Nation. By working closely with Nation, Jas learnt how to rebuild trust and understanding, and the healing power of kindness in animal rehabilitation. 


Jas went on to work in administration, HR and finance roles, but the lure of working with animals was too great and Jas joined our team as Assistant Sanctuary Manager, over-seeing the care of our animal family. 


Jas reminds us all that while animals can’t speak the way we do,  they communicate just as clearly when we’re willing to listen. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Board of Directors

Kerrith joined our volunteer team in 2021 and quickly cemented herself as one of our ‘go to people’ for getting things done. From organising tours, to maintenance, to fundraising and of course providing our animals exceptional care, Kerrith is always up for the challenge. 


Kerrith began her professional life as a school teacher, eventually transitioning to working with students with severe and multiple disabilities. Her career then took her to corrections, where she supervised program delivery to prisoners. She went on to manage a correctional centre before being appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of Corrections in Queensland. In recognition of her immense contributions to the industry, Kerrith was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM).


Kerrith’s skills and experience are a valued addition to our board. The animals and the humans are very lucky to have her working tirelessly for our mission.

Annie Profile


Volunteer Co-ordinator

Annie was raised on property in western NSW surrounded by animals. As a youngster Annie was always the first person to take on an orphaned lamb or poddy calf. That love of animals stayed with Annie through a colourful career and when she moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2020 Annie returned to her roots, and joined our team.

Lucky for us, Annie is as good with humans as she is with animals and runs our volunteer program. Annie is responsible for the weekly volunteer roster, coordinating and recruiting new volunteers for the Sanctuary, and providing information to our volunteers. By her own admission the best part of Annie’s week is putting on her gumboots and hanging out with our beautiful animals.

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