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Goodbye, dear Ruby

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Ruby’s passing. 💔

Ruby's story began in a Sunshine Coast home where she was once rescued as a baby. As she grew bigger, her family made the difficult decision to move her to an ajistment property, where they kept their horses, thinking it would be best for her. However, the sudden change in environment left Ruby confused and on edge. She had always considered herself a part of the family, just like a dog would, and the separation was hard for her to bear.

Due to a change in circumstances with her owners, in 2019 we were contacted about Ruby. Despite some behavioural challenges, we decided to take her on. Here, she was able to be surrounded by those who understood her unique needs and quirks.

Ruby was a super independent 13 year old lady who loved sleeping on a comfy bed of any sorts, was always up for snacks- no matter what was on the menu and loved spending time with her favourite human, Michelle.

Late last week she spent the day as she normally would. Grazing, laying in the sun, getting afternoon cuddles from Brenten and then at dinner time we noticed she was slightly wobbly. We scooped her up, brought her inside to monitor her, but sadly she had what we can only describe as a seizure and then afterwards she was severely neurologically impaired. She passed not long after, held tightly and surrounded by those that loved her. 🥺❤️

We may never know exactly what happened but we know that we did everything possible to help her and keep her comfortable, right until the very end. Although Ruby never got to find her perfect forever home, we are so thankful that we were able to give her all the love that she deserved. We loved and cared for Ruby as the individual she was.

We will miss you Rubs and hope you enjoy all the snacks over rainbow bridge. 🌈❤️

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