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In Memory of Elroy

Mischievous, energetic, funny and gentle, our beautiful Elroy will be so missed.

George and Elroy were rescued during the cold of winter 2021.

Born into the goat dairy industry, they were unwanted simply for being born male.

The twin brothers were only days old when surrendered into our care. They were dehydrated, sick, and freezing cold.

Baby Elroy and George at just a few days old

It took the boys weeks to recover from this rough start to life. They needed constant monitoring and care. They were both little fighters and slowly they began to thrive!

George and Elroy brothers and best friends, always snuggling up together and getting into mischief. They loved sanctuary life. Always someone to play with and terrorise!

So much cuteness

When Elroy was roughly 6-months old, he suffered sudden paralysis in his back legs.

Extensive testing including X-rays, showed nothing but inflammation found. With round the clock supportive care, his back legs returned to normal function after only a few days.

Strangely enough this happened two more times to Elroy over the next 18-months. Every now and again he would suddenly lose mobility in his rear end, and after a few days recover to full capacity. Our vets were stumped and had no idea why this was happening, or what we could do to prevent it from reoccurring.

Despite this strange condition, Elroy was a happy and healthy young goat! He lived his absolute best life with his brother George and friends in the goat herd. He was sweet, loving, playful and full of mischief!

Elroy loved his food

Unfortunately, in April 2023 we found Elroy had passed away in his sleep. Fine the day before, with no reason to suspect such a heartbreaking turn of events.

Elroy dies peacefully in his sleep with his bestie and brother George snuggled up to him.

It is unlikely we will know exactly what happened to Elroy and if his passing was related to his strange temporary paralysis condition.

What we do know is that Elroy was born destined not to live past a few days old, and because of your support, he not only able to survived a rough start but thrived for two years.

Our beautiful Elroy

Elroy spent his days loved, cared for, and with opportunity a goat should have to enjoy life! Although we are heartbroken that he didn’t have longer, we are so grateful that the time he did have was full of value.

George is mourning his brother. Our team are taking extra special care of him while he adjusts to life with out his twin and bestie.

Vale Elroy. You were incredibly loved x

Bella, George, Elroy and Benny

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