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Bracken Ridge Bookathon

In August 2023, the enriched learning students at Bracken Ridge took place in a Bookathon to raise funds for a charity of their liking. We are excited to announce that Happily Heifer After was selected by the students to receive the donated funds.

The students in the Enriched Learning program all have varying physical and intellectual disabilities. Many also have mental health challenges. Collectively, they share a love of animals, hence their chosen charity!

The Bookathon is running until September 8th, 2023. The class has already raised nearly $2,000 for the animals!

One of the young students, Matthew, has raised over $1000 himself. He has also worked very hard to get ongoing sponsors for the animals, as well as once off donations!

We are so incredibly grateful to the students of Bracken Ridge. The donations you have raised are going to go so far in helping animals in need.

Not only are we blown away by the money that has been raised, but the kindness and hard work these students have shown throughout the fundraiser.

We are excited to extend an invitation to the whole class to come out to the sanctuary! We hope that they will be able to do a class field trip, and meet the animals that they have worked so hard to help.

Thank you to the students at Bracken Ridge and Ms. Sue for organising!

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