Our Mission

To create a safe place for all beings

We are Michelle and Hugh, a young couple with huge ambitions. It wasn’t until 2019 that we were lucky enough to find our passion – saving and caring for unwanted animals. After our first farm rescue, Twix – a male jersey calf, we knew exactly what we wanted to spend our lives doing. Care for these amazing animals who would otherwise be voiceless and largely forgotten victims. We now run an animal rescue sanctuary for animals that are often considered to be ‘waste products’ in the animal agriculture industry. Since starting in January 2019, we have saved over 300 lives!

Unfortunately within the animal agriculture industry, many animals are considered waste products, meaning they will not make a profit for that farmer, breeder or seller. ‘Waste’ animals often include male calves and kids (baby goats), as well as older animals that can no longer produce a product (such as dairy milk) or are not considered to be a worthwhile investment, due to either time or financial costs to raise and sell the animal. At Happily Heifer After we provide a safe haven for all animals to come to (yes – all animals!), where they can live out the rest of their natural life without being harmed. We have a beautiful sanctuary for our permanent residents and we also re-home rescued farm animals after we provide rehabilitation, training and medical care.

We aim to share the stories of our animals in the hope that it may help some people make the connection between the animals and the animal products on their plate. We want to show people the incredible personalities and loving natures of all the lives we have had the pleasure of caring for. Our days consist of hard labour, large costs (hay is so expensive!) and lots of physical activity, but most importantly – our days are filled with love and joy. Working with these incredible creatures is what makes us happy!

We give these animals the life they have always deserved to have. We show them compassion, love, kindness and patience. We believe the animals are not here for us, but here with us – to live harmoniously.  We hope to encourage more people to live compassionately and cruelty-free and most importantly – to leave animals off their plates.



Happily Heifer After


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