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Millie was born on a dairy farm as a freemartin calf, meaning she was born with a twin brother. Luckily, Millie was saved by a kind man that lived in Brisbane. Millie then grew up in a suburban back yard with dogs until she was 18 months old. Fair to say, at this point, Millie had absolutely no idea that she was a cow. She’d never really met one.


When Millie was surrendered, we were able to re-home her to a “forever home” almost right away. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out due to her playful nature and quirks. Millie has never really understood how big and strong she is. So a playful little head swing or kick can very easily hurt someone badly.


Millie began rehabilitation to teach her how to safely and positively interact with humans. He rehab journey has been a huge success, we have seen significant improvement in her behavioural issues.


Millie has been a bit of an outcast her whole life, as she was never able to learn the critical social skills and dynamics of how to be a cow in her early years of life. When she came to Happily Heifer After, she had no idea how to interact with the other cows. It has been so beautiful to watch Millie grow and so lovely to see her settled, happy and living as she deserves, as a cow in a herd.


Millie requires a home with someone who is confident and experienced with large cows, where she is part of a herd and who will give her all the love and care she deserves.

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