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Frida: Then and Now

Frida came into our care in June 2022, after being found as a “down cow” on a neighbouring cattle farm. This term is given to cows that are so unwell and weak, that they simply cannot get up on their feet. We knew this was going to be our most challenging rehabilitation case yet, but we had to try to save her life.

When Frida was surrendered, she was completely emaciated, malnourished, and incredibly underdeveloped for her age. She was covered head to toe in ticks, leaving her severely anaemic. She had severe pneumonia, septic arthritis, and dehydration. Upon initial assessment with our vets, they were genuinely amazed that she was still alive. Frida fought for her life for a month straight. There were many times where we thought she wouldn’t make it, but with each challenge Frida fought harder.

Frida has since regained all of her mobility, and has no ongoing issues from her severe illness. Unfortunately, Frida is now facing another challenge in life. After noticing a concerning mark on Frida’s eye about a month ago, we are continuing to work with our vets to work out the best long term treatment for her. With little to no change with the conservative treatment, we are now looking at Cryotherapy. Being a ‘Seeing Eye’ Cow for her bestie-Mav, we know just how important being able to keep her eyesight is!

Frida has been such a fighter since coming into our care and we will do whatever is necessary to keep her healthy and happy she too can live Happily Heifer After.

Once the immediate and emergency physical health of a surrendered animal is attended to, animals in our care often require ongoing physical, emotional and behavioural rehabilitation. Support them as they undergo rehabilitation to overcome challenges, and live a life of love and kindness.

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