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Say Yes!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks at the sanctuary. We have had to say no to animals needing care and kindness and a second chance.

It’s breaking our hearts.

We have seen a 60% rise in surrender requests in January alone, with so many people no longer able to afford to care for their animals, or no longer having appropriate housing.

The increased cost of living and housing scarcity has created this crisis and there is a silent victim – animals. People are in desperate circumstances, and animals are suffering.

We are in the same boat as everyone else, facing the impact of the crisis and managing the same economic challenges – rising vet bill, skyrocketing cost of animal feed, and the reality of a steady decline in sanctuary sponsorship.

We are having to say no to surrenders like Seymour and Frida and it’s breaking our hearts.

Why are we saying no?

We are feeling the effects of the current economic climate as we manage our budget very closely, and don’t take on more than we can manage, nor put at risk the welfare of the animals currently in our care.

Every rescue costs us a minimum of $320 and that just covers initial vet checks and immediate treatment. Complex rehabilitations, like Frida, run up to $10,000.

As a team we’ve spent hours talking about how we can help, how we can continue our mission to save lives, and ensure the running of the sanctuary is sustainable.

We can’t stand by while animals suffer. We know you can’t either.

After many sleepless nights and much discussion we have a plan, and we need your help.

We will continue to look after the animals in our care and continue to save lives.

To do that, we need the financial certainty that our current operations are funded.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 over the next 2 weeks.

$50,000 will cover our medical and specialised feed bills for 2023. It gives us financial certainty and a solid base to start saying yes to surrenders again.

We know it’s a big ask. But we also know that as a community we can do this.

Together we have made miracles happen in the past, let’s do it again.

Help us ‘Say Yes’ to more animals in need

We’re asking our incredible community for help to save lives by spreading the word about our ‘Say Yes’ campaign and financially donating where you can – every bit helps.

Today we launched our most ambitious fundraiser, a 2-week campaign to raise $50,000 which will enable us to say ‘yes’ to saving more surrendered, injured, unwell and unwanted animals during this time of crisis.

The campaign will end Thursday 23 February 2023 and all the details can be found on our website:

If you can’t contribute financially, can you help us spread the word?

You could do things like:

  • Share this blog and media interviews

  • Like and share our social media posts

  • Contact people in your network that might be able to help, such as businesses

  • Talk about us with friends and family

  • Get in touch with us directly to discuss how you might be able to help

How your donations will be used

You know your donation is in safe hands and every dollar accounted for.

Raising $50,000 will almost cover the average $3,800 we spend each month just on veterinary services, specialist medical bills, specialised feeds and supplements.

This is our base cost and covers our current residents who are in rehab, palliative care, or waiting for their forever homes.

It doesn’t cover any new rescues. Nor does it cover the operational costs of running the rescue. Things like insurance, transport, repairs and maintenance, or professional services like our farrier or shearing. $3,800 is just what we spend on our vets, specialists and specialised supplements and feed.

The certainty of that cost being covered each month means we can confidently continue with rescues.

Thank you!

So, we thank you for reading and for your support.

You can check in every day on Instagram and Facebook to see how we are going, plus get your daily dose of animal love.

As a community we have made miracles happen in the past, we know we can do it again with your help!

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