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Meet our newest arrivals!

Updated: Mar 31

Say hello to Barney, Holly and Honey! These 3 beautiful souls only arrived in our care just three weeks ago, from 2 separate homes and situations.

Holly, the loving mother who is almost 4 years old, and her sweet daughter Honey, who is just 1 1/2 years old, have quickly stolen our hearts. Their story began when their previous owner found themselves in difficult circumstances and could no longer have them on an agistment property. We were then contacted about them and they were surrendered into our care.

These two are settling in well, with Holly making sure her fellow goat friends know she’s in charge! Honey is super little but a confident girl who loves to rough and tumble with Mack and Mater. They both love treats, especially licorice and weetbix!

Barney is a 3-year-old Miniature goat who was recently surrendered to us as his previous owner could no longer keep him.

Barney is a sweet and gentle soul, but don't let his quiet demeanor fool you - he can get a little bossy around food when he wants to! 😜

He has settled in very quickly and we can already see his unique personality starting to shine through. He loves attention, and gets along well with goats, dogs, horses, sheep, and cows.

Barney, Holly and Honey will soon be available for adoption. Think they may be the perfect fit for your family? Get in touch about adoption today via

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the support and generosity of our community to continue our important work. By donating or volunteering with us, you are helping to ensure that animals have a bright future ahead of them. Together, we can make a difference and create a better world for all beings.

To make a donation head to:

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What a wonderful story about Ines's fundraising! Well done Ines. Thank you from another HHA supporter for helping our furry friends.🙂

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