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Let's Build our Forever Home





Over the past 4 years we have saved the lives of 1,015 animals in need. We found them loving forever homes, and gave them the future they deserved. Now, we have the opportunity to build Happily Heifer After the future this incredible organisation deserves. It's our turn for a permanent forever home, where we can take our mission to the next level and give so many more animals in need their 'happily ever after'.


We need your help to build Happily Heifer After, a permanent sanctuary.

For the past 4 years we have rented 15 acres of land, and dealt with so many challenges. Four major floods, construction, the inability to create permanent infrastructure, and no long term security. The current land we operate on is simply not safe or viable for the sanctuary.


We have purchased a forever home, 40 glorious acres of land AND we need your help to set it up.


Located in Glenwood on the beautiful Fraser Coast

We have been dreaming about a property like this for years, and we cannot wait to turn it into a permanent home for the Sanctuary.

To do that we need to set up fencing, shelters, secure our water supply, and buy a tractor to manage the property. Once set up, we will be able to not only provide sanctuary to the animals already in our care, but save so many more lives in need.  

Our Goals


 Currently the property has just two huge paddocks. We need to fence the areas into smaller paddocks to safely house the animals currently in our care. Proper fencing will mean the animals are safe, and our special needs gang will be secure. The required fencing will cost $15,000, and ensure we can manage not only the animals but, by rotating paddocks take care of the land as well.



 A hospital enclosure, a nursery and a rehab shelter are vital for the running of the sanctuary. Keeping sick, recovering and baby animals out of the weather is a critical part of their recovery. Once these vital shelters are build, each paddock will need a shelter or repairs to the limited infrastructure currently on the property. We need  $25,000 to build safe and suitable shelters in each paddock. 

Water Security. 

We need to drill a bore to ensure long term water security and drought proof the property. Our animals drink hundreds of litres per day, and while we have dams on the property, it's likely we come into drought with the next El Niño, and we have to provide adequate water in all weather conditions. We need $15,000 to have a bore drilled, and installed.



We need a tractor to effectively manage the pasture, feed out large hay bales, and perform rehabilitation on large animals. A tractor that will do what we need it to do will cost $30,000 

This is our opportunity to build a permanent sanctuary for animals in need. To create a space full of compassion, hope and love. With your donation, we can build Happily Heifer After a forever home, ,


Your donation is in safe hands and every dollar accounted for. Happily Heifer After is one of Australia’s legitimate animal rescue sanctuaries, supported by dedicated and experienced professionals providing advice on strategy, good governance, and finance. 

Check in each day on Instagram and Facebook to see how we are going, and get your daily dose of animal love. 


Thank you for building a future for animals in need. 

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Seymour Photo.JPG


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Every donation makes a difference

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