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Born a bull calf on a beef farm, Seymour was only a few days old when the farmer noticed that he was having trouble finding his mums udder.

The farmer went out into the paddock to check on him, and immediately noticed his eyes were fully cloudy and opaque. He brought him up to the house, which is when his daughter saw the tiny little calf. His daughter said, “what’s wrong with him?” and the farmer explained that the calf was blind and therefore not viable on the farm. Before he could say anything else she said “I know who we need to contact, I follow them on Instagram!”

We received a message about the little blind bull calf, and within hours we were at the farm picking him up. Upon initial assessment we knew he was blind, but that was the least of his worries. We rushed him to our vets, who examined him and told us that he was sadly in late stages of sepsis. In the late stages of sepsis the puss settles into the globe of the eye.

Poor Seymour spent the next 8 weeks fighting for his life. He had septic arthritis, pneumonia, and a blood infection. With constant care, the best veterinary care possible, and lots of love Seymour finally recovered! Seymour has regained most of his vision, but is slightly visually impaired. He absolutely adores affection, and loves being around people.

We love you Seymour, and we are so glad that you are finally able to SEE MORE!

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