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Frida was found as a “down cow” on a nearby cattle farm. This term is given to cows that are so unwell and weak, that they simply cannot get up on their feet. Frida was surrendered into our care June 1st 2022. We knew this was going to be our most challenging rehabilitation case yet, but we had to try.


When Frida was surrendered, she was completely emaciated, malnourished, and incredibly underdeveloped for her age. She was covered head to toe in ticks, leaving her severely anaemic. She had severe pneumonia, septic arthritis, and dehydration. Upon initial assessment with our vets, they were genuinely amazed that she was still alive.


Frida fought for her life for a month straight. There were many times where we thought she wouldn’t make it, but with each challenge Frida fought harder. She is an absolute warrior, and a constant reminder of just how much can be achieved with love, kindness, and compassion.


Frida is now a strong, healthy, and happy cow living her best life. She has regained all of her mobility, and has no ongoing issues from her severe illness. You would have no idea by looking at her that she was once so close to deaths door.  Frida is a real princess and is always demanding treats, pats or whatever it is she might want on the day!

Do you think you can give Frida the home she has always been waiting for? Click below to learn more about adoption.

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