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Double Your Donation!


Help Us Fill the Hay Shed


This is an exciting opportunity for YOU to make double the difference with your donation!

Thanks to a very generous donor, every single donation from November 27th until December 3rd 2023, will be matched dollar for dollar… up to $10,000!

Our Goal

Our Goal over the next week is to raise $10,000 to fill up our Hay Shed! Can you help us fill up our hay shed with hay to keep the animals tummies full?

With the donations doubled, $10,000 raised will mean $20,000 donated to Happily Heifer After…WOW!


Please donate and watch your donation double! Don't miss this chance to make a real and meaningful impact. Together, we can reach our goal and create positive change in the world.


The campaign will end Midnight Sunday the 3rd of December 2023

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing below average rainfall, meaning the grass cannot grow. As our paddocks start to brown, and our dams begin to dry up we are relying on Hay more than ever for the animal residents that call Happily Heifer After home.


Of the 85 animals that currently call the sanctuary home, 13 cows, 11 horses, 3 donkeys, 8 goats and 6 sheep eat A LOT of hay! $1200 of hay alone every single WEEK!

If you can’t contribute financially, please know we totally understand.


You could do things like:

·       Share this campaign

·       Like and share our social media posts

·       Contact people in your network that might be able to help, such as businesses

·       Talk about us with friends and family

·       Get in touch with us directly to discuss how you might be able to help.



Thank you for reading and for your continued support. 


Team Happily Heifer After xx


P.S. You can check in every day on Instagram and Facebook to see how we are going, plus get your usual daily dose of animal love. 

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Seymour Photo.JPG


Surrendered into our care with life threatening illness, click to read how saying yes saved Seymour.



Our fully blind donkey Sam, has the biggest heart, the kindest nature and the most interesting back-story.



Against all odds Frida, our fighter survived a death sentence, click here to be inspired by her will to live. 



Lola was born on a meat farm, the only thing that saved her from being killed was the death of her mother. Read her story here.

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Every donation makes a difference

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