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Timmy Update

Let's talk about our beautiful resident Timmy. Just to remind you he is that ‘cute as a button’, ‘mischievous as’, ‘funky mullet wearing’ Shetland pony. He and his bestie Neffe have called Happily Heifer After home since its beginning.

If you remember, Timmy faced a serious health crisis earlier this year. It all began with a persistent cough that quickly escalated into respiratory distress. Timmy was off to a dedicated veterinarian team who identified a combination of fungus and bacterial disease as the culprits. But that wasn’t all—Timmy was also diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

Cushing’s disease, also known as Cushing’s syndrome, is a condition where the body is exposed to excessive levels of the hormone cortisol. In Shetland Ponies like Timmy, it can manifest as:

• Abdominal obesity: Timmy’s rounded face and weight around his torso, shoulders, and neck were telltale signs.

• High blood sugar or diabetes: His body’s cortisol overload affected glucose regulation.

• Skin problems: Slow wound healing and bruising.

• Brittle bones (osteoporosis)


Timmy spent many weeks in the hospital, undergoing intensive treatment. His sinuses and guttural pouches were flushed, antibiotics administered, and an equine nebuliser purchased to aid his recovery. At times we feared for his survival.

We are pleased to say that the last four months have seen remarkable progress—his occasional cough is the only lingering evidence of his ordeal. Timmy is now living his best life, a testament to the sanctuary’s unwavering care and Timmy’s indomitable spirit.

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