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Thank you for saying yes to saving lives!

The sky-rocketing cost of living and housing crisis led to another crisis, animals in desperate need of rehoming.

We too have experienced the massive impact of rising costs and a drop in sponsorship and donations. As a result, two weeks ago we made the incredibly tough decision to close our sanctuary gates to new surrenders.

We turned to you for help and kicked off our most ambitious fundraiser yet.

Our goal was to raise $50,000 in two weeks so we can 'Say Yes' to saving lives.

We got there.

With your help we have raised $55,555.67!

As well as raising money, you helped us spread the word. You shared with the world the impacts of this crisis on the silent victims – animals – and helped raised awareness of the work we do and spread kindness.

This is a heartfelt thank you from us – Michelle our founder, Karli and Jane on our Board, and the volunteers who work tirelessly to care for the animals – thank you.

Thank you for believing in our mission and for being a part of our community.

As a community we did it. We’ve pulled off miracles in the past, and we did it again.

Here’s to giving more animals their happily heifer after in 2023 and making the world a kinder place.

Thank You xx

What happens now?

With this financial security we push forward confident and able to save more lives!

The crisis hasn't gone away but we now have the ability to help the animals already in our care and save more lives because of your generosity and support.

We are putting together a task force in our team to deal with the ongoing challenge of responding to, and managing, so many surrender requests. That task force will prioritise, sort, and work out the most appropriate response to each situation. Our goal is to save as many lives as possible.

We will keep you updated on our social media and our newsletters will return to the first of each month from March.

Thanks again for coming on this fundraising mission with us.

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