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RIP Queen Wilma

Updated: Jun 2

Today, we sadly share the news of the passing of beautiful Queen Wilma.

Wilma's life began under unlikely circumstances—born a freemartin calf alongside her twin brother on a dairy farm. Defying the odds, she was lovingly raised by the farmer’s son, who bottle-fed and nurtured both calves into their early years. In their backyard, Wilma and her brother, became beloved pets rather than the other cows on the farm viewed as “livestock”.

However, when the farm faced closure due to severe drought, decisions were made that threatened to end Wilma's life prematurely. Destined for the abattoir, Wilma’s plight captured the hearts of thousands online after her story went viral on Facebook, igniting a community-wide search for Wilma to find a safe haven. It was during these critical hours that Happily Heifer After stepped in, making her our first rescue of a large bovine.

Wilma quickly became a central figure within the herd, forming inseparable bonds with Beau and Hope, and becoming best friends with Jackie. Cows form strong family bonds, they develop friendships and look out for one another. Wilma was able to share her story with thousands of people and advocate for cows, just like her all around the world. She was so kind, sweet and patient which made her the perfect ambassador for her species.

Unfortunately last week, as we were doing our regular morning routine animal checks we found Wilma had passed away. She was surrounded by the rest of the herd, as they said their goodbyes. This came as a huge shock because she was thriving only 12 hours before when we had seen here at nighttime check. Although we will be never be 100% sure of what happened to Wilma, we think she may have been bitten by a snake.

Today, we celebrate Wilma—not just for the life she lived but for the countless lives she touched.

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