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Remembering Sam

In 2020 an incredibly kind soul trotted into our lives and stole our hearts. Sam, the elderly blind donkey, was surrendered into our care. Sam spent his younger years working in the entertainment industry, where he was forced to perform unnatural stunts and put into high stress environments. This caused him to lose his sight, leaving him permanently blind. Despite his exploitative past, Sam was incredibly trusting and kind. Arriving at Happily Heifer After, Sam finally discovered the safe haven of love and compassion he deserved.

Sam may have only been with us for 3 years, but he made a huge impact within that time. He became the star of our animal assisted therapy program. Teaching adults and children with mental, emotional, and physical disabilities the power of kindness and connection. Sam also inspired a children’s book, which is now published, printed, and sold in our online store. All proceeds from the book go back into our mission, of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need. Sams book has not only spread a message of kindness to all who read it, but has managed to raise thousands of dollars to help other animals in need!

For the past three years, Sams days were adorned with kindness, and nights filled with the comfort of his friends and a warm bed to lay in. Despite our best efforts, Sams elderly body began to fail him and we knew his time here with us was coming to an end.

Sam experienced a life with us filled with tenderness, defying the shadows of his past. In the sanctuary's pastures, he roamed freely, guided not by sight but by the unwavering love that surrounded him. As he peacefully departed this world, he was cradled by the same caring hands that bestowed upon him a second chance at happiness. In bidding farewell to Sam, we celebrate the profound joy he brought to our lives and honour the legacy of resilience he leaves behind.

May his memory forever inspire compassion and remind us of the profound impact of a loving sanctuary.

Rest in Peace, we love you Sam.

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Vale Sam. He was so fortunate to find the right, loving home for his last 3 years. Thank you to Happily Heifer After for giving him the care and love he deserved.

Christine Hartley

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