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Remembering Rosie

Rosie, a petite miniature cow, found her way to Happily Heifer After at the young age of 11 months, following a traumatic injury during transport with a large horse. At the sanctuary, Michelle embarked on a mission to mend her wounds with time, meticulous medical care, and an abundance of love. She was barely able to walk, due to neurological imbalances, but her spirit could not be broken. She was so determined to walk again, and Michelle was going to help her get there.

Within a month of her rescue, signs of progress emerged as Rosie, in her own endearing fashion, began to run—a testament to the transformative power of compassion. Life took a heartwarming turn when she joined Mav and Frida, two other special-needs bovines, forming a unique bond that transcended their shared challenges.

 Just as Rosie's spirit seemed to soar, a sudden and devastating turn of events unfolded. The sanctuary's veterinarian was urgently summoned when Rosie fell rapidly ill, experiencing seizures that hinted at an underlying ailment. Tragically, Rosie's journey was cut short, leaving the sanctuary community in mourning.

A blood parasite was the culprit behind Rosie's untimely demise. Despite the sorrow that enveloped Happily Heifer After, Rosie's legacy endured. This diminutive bovine, with a heart as vast as the fields she once roamed, left an indelible mark on those who crossed her path. In her short time at the sanctuary, Rosie exemplified resilience, courage, and the profound impact that a small creature with a big heart can have on a community devoted to providing solace to those in need.

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