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Pip the Pig

Say hello to Pip!

Pip’s tale begins under unfortunate circumstances. At just a few weeks old, she was rejected by her mother, who tragically unintentional harmed Pip's siblings. She was left vulnerable and alone, with no one to care for her.

We knew we had to step in and provide the care and love that she desperately needed. Pip is slowly but surely gaining strength and size. Like any pig she absolutely LOVES her food, her favourites being lettuce and of course the classic oats, weetbix and milk mix! She has only been in our care for a few days, but Pip’s personality is already starting to shine! She loves to spend her days in the sunshine roaming the property on her harness and lead, as well as following around her bestie- Blue!

Pip’s story is a poignant reminder of why support from our community is so crucial. Each donation helps us continue our work, ensuring that we can always respond when animals like Pip need us most. Her road to recovery is just beginning, and she represents just one of the many animals who rely on us each and every day. By supporting Happily Heifer After, you are giving Pip and friends a chance at a new, joyful life filled with love and care.

Make a donation via the below link to help us continue our mission of helping animals in need!

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