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Once seen as commodities, now loved family members

Moby and Captain were rescued back in 2019 as one of 100+ Bobby calves we have rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed over the years.

These Friesan boys were rescued as day old calves from a dairy farm. They were taken away from their mothers at only hours old, and put into a pen alone, sick and scared.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Australian ‘bobby calves’ are either sent to slaughter or are killed on farm in their first week of life so that the milk intended for them can instead be collected and sold to humans.

Luckily these boys were adopted by an incredibly kind family, whom we are still in close contact with. They are living their absolute best lives on 30 acres with their 9 other bovine brothers. All of which are adored pets and family members! What lucky boys they are.

Here they are, 4 years later, living their best lives in their forever home They are loved family members, and seen as individuals.

Please be aware of the victims of your choices, and consider if your morals agree with these practices.

There’s a way you can stop contributing to the suffering of beautiful calves just like these boys, choose to go dairy free, and try the many plant based milks instead! Oat and Soy are the closest to dairy, but there’s so many others to choose from! Almond, macademia, hemp, coconut… there’s a plant milk out there for everyone you may just need to try them all out and find which one suits you best.

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