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Meet our new board members!

Updated: Jun 2

We are always searching for new Board members who have different passions and skills to bring to our Charity board. We are so excited to have Janelle and Jennah officially join us and continue our mission of helping those that need us the most.

Janelle's Happily Heifer After story begun in mid 2023, when she arrived for two weeks of University placement, right in the middle of our big property move. By the end, her heart was stolen and it was clear that she would continue to have a vested interest in Happily Heifer After forever.

Currently in her 4th year of studying to be a Veterinarian, Janelle has spent her entire adult life working towards her goal, so that one day she can help animals in need.

Amongst the endless lectures, she has worked with various animal rescues and shelters, and is now employed as a vet nurse! Janelle loves to get hands on when she can, building coops, taking photographs or helping with our chicken rescues.

She cannot wait for the day that she gets to call the animals, not only her friends, but her patients! Janelle's passion runs deep and we are so thrilled she found us and never left!

Since going vegan back in 2020, Jennah had been searching for a way to give back. She decided to join the Happily Heifer After volunteer team in 2022, with it quickly becoming her happy place every week! Not only did it fill up her cup and soul, but she loved spending time with all the animals and formed such close bonds with them all.

Outside of Happily Heifer After, Jennah has been a town planner for the last 7 years. She has had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects across Australia, from urban renewal to sustainable development, which has been challenging but extremely fulfilling.

Jennah is extremely passionate about Happily Heifer After and we are so happy to have our on our Board!

If you think you might be interested in joining our Board, please contact us on

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