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Meet Evie!

Meet Evie! ❤️

Evie was rescued in October 2023 during our last chicken rescue. The day she was rescued from the cage was a big day for her. As she stepped outside for the first time into the blaring sunshine, she began the beginning of the rest of her life. Suffering from a broken wing, it was decided she would head home with board member Janelle to heal and to be a much needed friend for her current chicken who had recently lost her best friend to cancer.

The big open world was a lot for Evie to handle in the beginning. She was quiet, she didn't mutter a sound for at least the first week. She couldn't jump and she was very shy. If you knew Evie now, you wouldn't believe a word of that! She embraced her freedom and became the loudest, most active and enthusiastic chicken. With the energy of a toddler, she gobbles up treats with insane ferocity, and calls out for company regularly, such a spoilt hen. Her wing healed and she gained colour in her beautiful face, soaking up the sunshine everyday.

There is absolutely nothing like bringing home an ex-battery hen and watching them grow as they explore the world and find their personality.

If you think you would make the perfect Hen parent or wishing to add to your flock, fill out the below application! 🙏🏻❤️

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