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June Chicken Rescue

As we set out on Friday 31st of May to rescue what we believed were 70 ex-battery hens, we were met with a surprising count of 94 feathered ladies boxed up for us waiting for their chance at a new beginning.

Our dedicated team quickly sprang into action, ensuring that each of the Hens received a thorough health check and a safe space to stay. We spent Friday and Saturday treating the ladies for worms, lice, and mites. These initial steps are just the beginning of our commitment to giving these hens the best care possible.

Among the new guests, there are several hens who arrived with serious health issues. Two of these brave souls are now in our hen hospital ICU, suffering from broken legs and currently unable to bear weight. Additionally, we have four hens with broken wings and six suffering from a respiratory infection.

One of those in our Hen ICU is Miss Daisy. Found in a cramped cage with 94 other chickens, Miss Daisy’s plight was particularly dire. Her body bore the scars of neglect—badly broken toes, a past injury of a broken leg and nerve damage that painted an uncertain future. Yet, when we looked into her eyes, we didn’t see despair but a fierce determination to live.

Bringing Miss Daisy to Happily Heifer After was the beginning of a new chapter in her life, one filled with compassion and care. Day by day, we have watched as Miss Daisy’s spirit shines through. Despite the pain, she is beginning to show signs of improvement, a testament to her resilience and the high-quality care we strive to provide. Miss Daisy’s journey is far from over, as she continues her rehabilitation and rest in our Hen hospital.

As the other 81 ladies headed off to their new and loving homes over the past month, the 12 ladies who are in our Hen hospital, will spend some more time being rehabilitated in our care until they are back to full health and ready to head off to their forever home!

As a new chapter begins for the 94 beautiful ladies that were rescued, our hearts remain heavy for those left behind. 💔

The reality is stark —MILLIONS of battery hens are culled annually when deemed no longer 'profitable.' At just 18 months old, an age full of vigor and life, these creatures are denied the future they deserve. It's a practice rooted in profit, overlooking the intrinsic value of life and the contributions these animals can make if given the chance.

So what can YOU do to help these beautiful Hens?

-Consumers have the ultimate power to help end this awful suffering. Eggs can be replaced in any diet with many of the amazing plant based alternatives that are available today! The internet is a wealth of information for those seeking to make kinder choices in their lives.

-Adopt an Ex battery Hen to your family; you will find out just how intelligent, curious, sweet, cheeky and social they are. There is honestly nothing like seeing them touch grass, see the sky and enjoy all the delicious treats for the first time.

We do Chicken Rescues on a semi regular basis, and we are always looking for suitable ‘Hen parents’ to take these ladies on and give them the love and care they so deserve. 💖

Can you make a donation to help us continue to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome the Hens that come into our care?

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