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In the News: Better Homes and Gardens

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Did you see our segment on Better Homes and Gardens?

We had such a great day filming with Dr Harry and the team.

Dr Harrry is an icon in Australia and it’s so easy to see why. Such a kind and generous man. He was incredibly generous with his knowledge, kept us entertained with stories of his experiences and he was very supportive and complimentary about our work.

All the humans and animals behaved on shoot day… well almost.

The exceptions were of course, Geoffrey demonstrating why his nickname is Joffrey from Game of Thrones as he attempted to unleash chaos on camera [some of the chaos made the final cut of the segment].

And Elroy, who, in the middle of filming sauntered innocently up to the fence and bit Dr Harry firmly on the butt.

Oh and Charlie tried to eat the lighting board and Bella appointed herself as director for the day and pushing the crew around – why is it always the goats?!?!?!

Dr Harry and the crew are so experienced, they just took it in their stride, laughed and got on with the job.

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