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Help us build a Piggy Paradise!

Back in May 2022, we went through major floods at our previous property in Palmview. Rain was continuous, paddocks were underwater, animals were being moved to neighboring properties on higher ground and we were getting boated in through flood waters to the property daily.


After flood waters subsided we made the difficult decision to move our 4 piggies; Will, Trotski, Grace and Pumpkin to another property for their safety.

Since May 2022, they have been absolutely livin’ it up on a friends property in the Maleny Hinterland. With great high ground, muddy wallows, a huge barn with a warm hay bed and of course plenty of delicious food! Our friends have been extremely accommodating looking after the piggies, but we knew this was not a permanent solution and one of the huge draw cards to finding our forever home was knowing that the piggies could come too!

Now that we have finished the goat paddock, we can finally say that we have started planning for the arrival of the Pigs back to Happily Heifer After!!


So what is there to be done? First things first is fencing!


There is existing infrastructure on the property for pigs, but we are going to be tripling the size of the paddock and turning it into a Piggy Paradise. This will include a piggy dam, and large barn shelter with shade sail. We are also going to be planting a beautiful orchard of fruit and nut trees, which will create plenty of shade as the trees grow and provide the piggies their own snacks!


We have a lot of work cut out for us, and will begin construction soon!

Want to know how you can support and make Piggy Paradise a reality?

Make a one off donation here:

become a Monthly Sponsor here:

Pigs are incredible animals, but sadly there are very few places in this world where a pig is truly safe. Help us create a space that pigs have always dreamed of. Home.

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