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Frida the Fighter

It’s coming up to Frida’s Rescu-versary. 12 months ago this little lady won our hearts, as she fought to live when the odds were completely stacked against her.

Frida didn’t listen when so many said it was hopeless. We didn’t listen either.

Frida wanted to live and, as a community, you rallied to help us help her.

While we waited for transport to move Frida to the Sanctuary, Michelle administered fluids.

‘No way she’ll make it. Put her out of her misery’

Frida was found lying in the grass on a wet day in May, 2022. It had been raining on and off for almost a week. She had been there for days. She was so unwell and weak, she simply couldn’t stand up.

By the time we got to her, Frida was dying.

We were told she was too far gone and wouldn’t see the sun set.

Trying to keep Frida warm while we rallied the team to take Frida home

In cases like this when an animal is so desperately unwell, we look them in the eye, stroke their fur, and ask them if they want to fight. Frida could barely lift her head, so we patted her sodden brow and told her that she was very very sick and she would have a huge fight to get better, she could have our strength until hers started to come back, but we needed her to want to live.

Never have we seen such a spark. Frida wanted to live.

So, we made her the same promise we make every animal who comes into our care, we will fight for them. We will do everything we can to heal them.

Frida the Fighter

We knew Frida was going to be our most challenging rehabilitation case yet, but we had to try.

When Frida was surrendered, she was completely emaciated, malnourished, and incredibly underdeveloped for her age. She was covered head to toe in ticks, leaving her severely anaemic.

Her red blood cell count was down to 11.2%, when it should be around 30%-40%. She had severe pneumonia, septic arthritis, and severe dehydration.

At her initial assessment with our vets, they were genuinely amazed she was still alive. It’s like Frida’s will to live was keeping her heart beating.

Our team worked around the clock with Frida.

Frida and her sling. Physio three times a day while she learnt to stand and walk again.

The first week was touch and go. Thanks to Fletcher, she had a blood transfusion to correct her red blood cell count, she was on numerous medications and supportive treatments, multiple times a day.

Frida could not stand or use her legs, she needed to be able to stand for her body to heal properly, so we used a sling to hoist her up onto her hooves multiple times a day. As well as physical therapy, massage therapy, and medications, Frida got lots and lots of love. Our community sent messages of encouragement, donated and generally helped keep our spirits up while she healed.

After weeks of hard work and determination, Frida finally stood on her own.

Frida fought for her life for a month straight. There were many times where we thought she wouldn’t make it, but with each challenge Frida fought harder.

Taking a supervised walk with one of her human friends while she was still getting her strength back

She is an absolute warrior, and a constant reminder of just how much can be achieved with love, kindness, and a will to live.

Frida and Mav sitting in a tree…

Frida’s life gained a bigger purpose earlier this year when Maverick, a fully blind calf, was surrendered into our care.

We pair all the visually impaired and blind animals at the sanctuary with a buddy. The buddy becomes the ‘eyes’ for their friend and provides important logistical support as well as comfort. The buddies form a very special bond.

We tried to pair Maverick with a number of different members of the gang at the sanctuary. But he wasn’t having it. He had no interest in anyone we tried to integrate him with.

Until he met Frida.

We had resisted introducing them because Frida was still recovering. We were protective of her improving health and didn’t want to add any strain on her. But they had other ideas.

Frida and Maverick developed an instant connection, she must have known he needed her help. And who are we to stand in the way of true love!

Frida and Maverick

Over the past five months Frida has grown into the role of Maverick's “seeing eye cow”. She will guide him around the paddock, comfort him, respond when he calls for her, and generally keeps an eye on him.

We think Frida is paying it forward. Love has a way of doing that.

Frida and Maverick now live together knowing only kindness, compassion, and love because of our donors.

You helped us with their rehabilitation.

Thank you.

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