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12 Months of Glenwood!

Updated: Jun 29

Can you believe it has been an entire year since we embarked on a new beginning on the picturesque Fraser Coast?

 Reflecting back, the decision to relocate Happily Heifer After from the Sunshine Coast brought with it a mix of emotions and uncertainties. Yet, here we are, a year later, more invigorated and committed than ever to our mission.

Construction of our fencing and our much loved chicken coop!

This anniversary isn't just a mark of time; it's a celebration of growth, learning, and community. Our journey over the past twelve months has been nothing short of incredible. Transitioning to this beautiful new location has allowed us to expand our facilities, rescue over 400 animals in the last 12 months, conduct 2 ex battery hen rescues and overall be able to offer a better life for those animals currently in our care. Each step forward has been possible because of the incredible support from people like YOU!

Our new large shelters getting installed and painted

In the last 12 month we have...

  • Redone the entire chicken coop, including the outside stumping, new mesh wiring and clear out of overgrown plants

  • Built the Goat paddock with 1.8m high fencing (to keep even the highest jumpers in)

  • Built Piggy Paradise

  • Addition of 2 new Dams for the property, including one Spring fed dam

  • Addition of 3 new large run in shelters

  • Fundraised for and invested in a second hand tractor for the property

  • Planted over 20 fruit trees and plants for the animals

  • Predator proofed 4 paddocks for safety of goats and sheep

Saved the lives of over 400 animals in need

Plus SO much more!

The improvements we have made with the fencing on the property

As we step into the next year at our beloved Fraser Coast home, we invite you to continue this journey with us. We are so excited for what the future holds for us on our 40 acre slice of paradise.

Construction of our 2 new Dams; one an incredible spring fed Dam!

Can you help us to make the next 12 months our biggest year yet? We are so excited to continue our mission of helping many more animals in need!

Make a donation via the below link to help us, help them!

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