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Wish List

As you can imagine, running an animal rescue and sanctuary involves a lot of resources! There is always things that we are in need of, so if you are wanting to contribute to our sanctuary here is a list of things we are in need of! 


Animal Feed





-Pasture Boost pellets 

-Oaten Chaff

-Lucerne Chaff

-Chicken mixed grain feed

-Hobby Farm Mix

-Lucerne Hay

-Barley Hay

-Oaten Hay


-Fruits and vegetables (no onion, nightshades, or rhubarb)



-Horse treats

-Calf milk replacer

-Lamb/Kid milk replacer

Animal Supplies

-Syringes(5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 60ml)

-Needles (all gauges)

-Brute horse insecticide

-Brute cattle insecticide

-Permoxin insecticide

-Kuritch (for queensland itch)

-Malasab medicated shampoo

-Horse shampoos and conditioners

-Ivermectin horse and cattle wormers

-Drench sheep wormer

-Pestene powder


-Copper sulfate

-Bug buster/thrush buster

-WEAVER cattle fly mask

-Donkey supreme minerals

-All horse brushes and hoof picks

-4 in 1 500ml pouch for metabolic conditions in cattle

-7 in 1 vaccines

-2 in 1 vaccines

-5 in 1 vaccines

-Hemoplex or VAM injectable minerals


-D-Scour paste

-lectade electrolytes

-calf milk bottles

-kid/lamb milk bottles

-animal toys/enrichment activities

Sanctuary Supplies

-Wheelbarrows (good condition)



-Horse poop scoops

-Heavy duty large storage containers

-Shelving units for storage

-Marquees for events

-Picnic tables

-Animal poly feed troughs

-Vegan work gloves

-Fencing supplies

-Ride on mower

-quad bike

-Petrol gift cards

-Bunnings gift cards

-Supermarket gift cards

-Large paddock shelters

Thank you so much for your contribution!


Please contact with any questions regarding our wishlist and how to contribute!

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