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Winnie was rescued with Dorris, but luckily was in better condition. She was surrendered to us along with Dorris, not because she was in such poor health but because she was a favorite. They did not want to see Winnie go to slaughter, and therefore she was given to us to live out her life.  We are so grateful Winnie's life was spared and she was given the opportunity to thrive. We don't know Winnie's past, but she is the most nervous animal at the sanctuary. She is very frightened of people, particularly new people, but she is slowly learning to trust us again. After 10 months, she is finally eating treats out of our hands! We love Winnie for who she is, and understand she may never be a cuddly sheep. That is fine with us, all we want for her is to be safe and cared for and feel comfortable in her home. We love watching Winnie and Dorris heal together, they are truly beautiful individuals! 

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