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Trotski can best be described as our resident Gandolf and or Dumbledore. He may be getting older, but he is wise well beyond his years. With each wag of his tail he can calm your soul.


Originally a house pig, Trotski came to us at eight years old quite over weight, with a tusk that was growing back into his jaw. After consultation with our vet, they determined it was too risky to sedate him for surgery, due to his weight and age.  

We then started him on a 'radical' new diet of nothing but veggies, pellets and access to grazing pasture, at first he resisted as there was no pizza or burgers involved.

Thankfully he soon become a fan of these menu items!


In addition to his new diet plan, he also began to walk every day around the pig paddock (with the help of his favorite pellets). After a few months he began to lose weight, and shortly after that we found that he had naturally ground down his tusk on the rocks we had supplied him!

Trotski is a stereotypical wise leader, he doesn't do much or say much. But when he does make his presence known. Everyone will always listen.

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