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When Teena was born she was accidentally stood on by another cow who broke her leg.

Often at these farms they have confined yards and live-in unnatural environments,so wouldn’t have enough room to move out of the way so these accidents happen. The vet came out to euthanise her but upon arrival they realised it was a clean break. Given the fact that she was only a few hours old the vet advised that if they casted it and put her into a stable, she would heal. The farmer had no interest in this option. Luckily the vet chose to show Teena compassion and brought her back to the vet clinic.

We were contacted and asked if we could take in a calf with a broken leg, which of course we said yes. When Teena arrived she was casted and stabled for 8 weeks. We then X-rayed her leg and saw that her bones had successfully fused and mended. The vet advised although Teenas leg is well now she will likely develop arthritis as she ages.

Whilst Teena was recovering we noticed that she had trouble seeing obstacles around her, often walking into gates, stable walls and had trouble finding her food/waters bowls. We had her vision tested and it showed significant visual impairment. We don’t know how much she can see but we know she doesn’t have full vision, she manages quite well now that she lives her life in big open spaces. Besides these issues tina will live a healthy and happy life with her beautiful sanctuary friends. Teena will often nudge you for cuddles and pats. She also has a bottomless stomach and loves food and treats.

We love you teena and appreciate your sweetness and loving nature.

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