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Teddy was rescued from a local beef farm. Teddy was born a twin but sadly Teddy’s mum wasn’t well enough to raise two calves and rejected him. When Teddy was rescued he was only 12 hours old and was suffering from a bad naval infection, severe dehydration and very skinny.


Teddy had a tricky first 6 months of his life and had lots of infections due to being immune compromised. With lots of love and care from Michelle, our volunteers and good vet work…Teddy is now thriving and living his best life! Teddy is a big cuddly teddy bear who loves a scratch under his chin and is always demanding attention. He loves people and his best friend, Teena. He will moo at you from across the paddock for love!


As Teddy and Teena have formed such a strong bond, we wish for this pair to be adopted together. Do you think you have space in your heart and home for Teddy and Teena? Fill in our online adoption application below. 

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