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Teddy was rescued from a local beef farm, the same beef farm that Tina was surrendered from only a few months prior.

Teddy was born a twin but unfortunately teddy’s mum wasn’t well enough to raise two calves and rejected him. The mother cow will do this when she is weak and she knows to choose the stronger one out of the two, as they have a better chance of survival. Because of this teddy didn’t receive much of his mothers colostrum which would provide vital immunity to fight bacteria and infection. When teddy was rescued he was only 12 hours old and suffering from a bad naval infection, dehydrated and very skinny.

Teddy had a tricky first 6 months of his life and had lots of infections due to being immune compromised. With lots of love and care from Michelle, our volunteers and good vet work.. teddy is now thriving and living his best life!

Teddy is a big cuddly teddy bear who loves a scratch under his chin and always demands attention. He loves people and his best friend Tina. He will moo at you from across the paddock for love. Especially as a calf he would wait and watch you walk from the feed shed with his bottle of milk and moo at you from a distance until you reached him, and would wag his tail while suckling.

We love you teddy and we are so happy to see you growing big and healthy, loving life with your new cow family and friends.

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