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In June 2019, we were contacted by a dairy asking if we could take 4 calves who would otherwise be killed. Upon arrival we realized there were actually 12 calves, and we were told to take the 4 we liked the look of and the others they would "take around the back". Of course, we ended up coming home with 12, leaving us with 22 calves in care.

Rocky was the youngest (only 10 hours old) and the weakest. The day he was born there was a really bad storm – Rocky got caught out in the rain and was found hypothermic. We rushed him in front of the fire and began to warm him but his temperature was so low he started shedding the internal lining of his organs, and his body began to shut down.  The vets told us that he was dying and that we should put him down, but we couldn't give up on him without trying.

Over the next 12 hours he slowly started to improve but was so weak that he couldn’t walk. He was paralyzed for a week and lived in our bathroom. 

He recovered slowly over time and beat all of the odds in his recovery. He now lives on, over a year later happily grazing with his cow friends. Rocky does have some neurological deficits and can be a bit slow, but he is also so sweet and submissive. He loves cuddles and chin rubs, giving you all-over kisses. Rocky loves any and all treats, but his all time favorite meal was the personalized birthday cake he had made! It was carrot cake with molasses and orange icing, what a spoiled boy!

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