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Farewell Beautiful Blue

On my very first rescue over 4 years ago, I was helping a friend facilitate rescuing 50 unwanted calves from a dairy farm that had shut down. Upon arrival, we could see a pen full of calves, with their mothers stuck directly to the fence line. Calling, crying, pacing, doing anything and everything to get to their babies. One cow and calf caught my eye in particular, they looked identical to each other and had an incredibly strong bond. The cow was frantic to get to her baby, crying out with an incredible sadness in her tone. Her calf was a bit older than the others, and much more terrified of the farmer...

I knew I owed it to them to fight for them to stay together, but after a long heated discussion with the farmer, it was made very clear that the cow was NOT available to be surrendered or even sold. She "owed" him money, and he said she needed to pay out her the abattoir. She was headed there within a few days.

Coming to terms with not being able to save her life and understanding that there was nothing I could do for her was difficult. She stood in front of me, looked me in the eyes and in that moment, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I walked up to her calmly and introduced myself.

I told her "I am so sorry for what you have been through, I am so sorry for what you are about to go through, and even though I cannot change or stop it from happening there is one thing I can do for you..." she stood there looking directly into my eyes, as if she was truly listening. As I looked back into her eyes, I could see that someone was looking at me. In-between tears I started to speak to her again...

"I promise you. Right here, right now, that although I cannot save you, I will save your son. And I will give him the life that you would want for him. A life full of kindness, compassion, and love. A life that all cows would dream of. Never having to worry about clean water, abundant fresh food, and a safe home. I will tell your story. I will educate as many people as I can about what you and billions of dairy cows have been through.. and how humans are unknowingly paying for it to happen. I promise you, I will do everything in my power to create change in your honour."

As I stopped speaking, she exhaled sharply. As if she was saying “Thank you”

From that moment on, I knew that Blue, the calf, would be with me until his very last breathe. Little did I know it would be much sooner than expected.

Blue has lived his absolute best life for 4 years, but unfortunately due to Blues pale skin tone he is susceptible to cancers as a result of UV exposure. Despite our best preventative efforts with UV masks and zinc suncream, Blue was diagnosed with not 1 but 2 types of Cancer on March 14, 2023. In his right eye he had developed Ocular melanoma, and in his left eye Squamous Cell Carcinoma. After research, and long discussions with our team of vets, we decided on a plan for Blues care ongoing.

The reality of him developing not 1 but 2 types of cancer, means that if it has not already it is likely to metastasise throughout Blues body. If we were to try and eradicate both cancers, we would need to take both of Blues eyes. Leaving him blind, and confused. Due to the fast growing nature of these cancers, without treatment he would likely have 3-6 months to live. We decided that Blue would have his right eye removed, as it was causing him a great deal of pain and discomfort. His left eye would remain intact giving him the comfort of vision for the months he has left. The SCC on the left eye is a fast growing cancer, so we did not know how much time Blue had with us.

To make the most of his remaining days, we created 'Blue's Bucket List' and raised funds to help him experience all the things he would have loved to do in his life, and the things his mother would of wanted for him. From indulging in treats to going for walks in the forest, Blue lived each day to the fullest.

In July 2023, he was brought to our new Glenwood property, where he could enjoy the 40 acre paradise, surrounded by care and comfort. He was home.

As the months passed, we continued to keep Blue comfortable and ensured he was happy and content, as the cancer unfortunately continued to progress.

In late January 2024, it became clear that it was time to say goodbye to our dear Blue. He left us peacefully, surrounded by those who loved him, leaving behind cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in our heart.

Rest easy Blue. We love you.

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