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Luna is an absolute heart stopper, and has an incredible story to tell.

At 7pm one evening we had a call from a friend of a friend who had seen Luna laying on the side of the highway. She was no more than a couple of days old. She had significant head trauma, lacerations across her whole head and her left eye completely swollen shut.  We can't say for sure what happened to her, however the safest bet is that she was born on a transport truck and had fallen out during the journey.

As a consequence of her injuries, Luna had limited to no vision in both eyes. After examination we were told she may be permanently blind in both. We would not know for sure until the wounds healed.

Weeks later, after some tender loving care. We had her examined again and were thrilled to discover she had regained a small fraction of vision in her left eye. This allowed her to see general shapes and shadows through that eye. A gift that has definitely helped her get acquainted with her new surroundings.

The name Luna was a no brainer for us. Exactly seven days prior to her rescue we lost one of our sweetest elderly residents (miniature pony) named Luna who was also blind. On the day of the rescue we were lucky enough to have a lovely visit from a very special member of the Happily Heifer After Family who's name is also also Luna.

We will never know what the cards dealt to her in the past were, but we do know her future is nothing but bright.

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