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Jackie was surrendered to us on the September 3rd, 2019 from a dairy farm that had ceased operation. Jackie had been seen as a product of the dairy industry for 7 years where she had 6 babies in that period. Each of her babies were removed from her loving self in order to have her milk taken to be sold for human consumption. Jackie came into our care pregnant with what was to be her last child. She gave birth to her baby on November the 16th of 2019 with a beautiful girl that we named 'Hope'. Jackie was incredibly protective of her new baby in fear that her history would repeat on her. She hid Hope from us for five days after birthing her and protected her from humans at all costs. It took a while for Jackie to trust but she eventually learned that we don't see her as a profitable source, we see her as a wonderful, caring mother with a incredible heart. Jackie has also adopted another calf as her own, Beau. She has raised both Hope and Beau beautifully, and loves her children as every mother does. Jackie not only is Hope and Beaus mother, but she is the matriarch of the herd and often can be seen mothering all the other cows. Although she can be a bit nervous around new humans at first, she has a heart of gold and we are so grateful to give her the forever home she deserves with her children and her family.

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