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Geoffrey is the second member the gang known as the three goat-migos, he and his brother Charlie spend their days assessing what degree of inconvenience and/or mischief they can accomplish without the possibility of being considered 'naughty'. It is a skill they have perfected over their time with us, they are extremely competent in their chosen trade. The third of the crew, Samson is more inclined to watch from a safe distance and only join in when something really fun and exciting is happening, such as a quick break in to the feed shed to eat as many different types of pellets as possible. Geoffrey is also well known for his ability to climb high trees in order to get to the sweetest and tastiest of the leaves. We are so thrilled to have Geoffrey as part of our family as it is almost impossible to walk away from an encounter with him without a grin on your face, and the thought of what must be going through his head as he goes about his daily business.

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