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Fletcher is our miracle baby, at his time of rescue Fletcher was not in a good way. He was impossibly thin and the smallest calf we had ever come across, no larger than the size of a small dog. He was so weak he could not stand or hold his weight, and it was suspected he never had the opportunity to drink from his mum, therefore his body was never given the immunity of colostrum. After tube feeding him and medicating at home with no improvement, he was taken to the specialist veterinary hospital where he remained in intensive care for a week with little hope of recovery.

Just as it was becoming clear this may be a fight he may not win and the decision to euthanize was discussed, Fletcher began to improve dramatically. Fletcher was not done fighting just yet and made a full recovery within the next couple of weeks. He remains quite stunted and we suspect he will never be as big as all his friends, but he is happy, healthy and most importantly safe to live out his life respected and loved.

Fletcher is well known for his love of going for walks in the neighborhood! He loves exploring new places, and walks very well on a lead.  Although sometimes Fletcher is quite cheeky, he sure is one of a kind and we couldn't imagine our sanctuary without him!

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