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Pumpkin came to us in November 2020. He was born in an accidental litter where the mother pig rejected the piglets. Sadly, Pumpkin was the only piglet who survived and even his fate was uncertain until a kind person took him into their care to ensure his safety. They then contacted us and asked if we could have him. Of course, we said yes, and he has been with us since he was a week and a half old.

Pumpkin has only ever known love and kindness. We are so grateful that he lives such a wonderful life – a life that most pigs don’t get to experience.

Pumpkin loves Grace and views her as a mother figure. You can often find them cuddling the day away together or playing in the grass. Pumpkin is incredibly smart and will even sit on command for treats.


We have had the privilege and great joy of seeing Pumpkin grow from the size of your hand into a handsome 30kg boy. Sponsor Pumpkin today to receive personal updates and you can watch him grow into adulthood. Make sure to come for a visit and give him some belly rubs!

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