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Grace is a 2-year-old beauty who was saved by a lovely family at Christmas time when she was advertised as ‘Christmas ham’. Their intention was to keep Grace with them as a family pet, but due to unforeseen circumstances they could no longer provide Grace a safe home.

We were asked to re-home Grace and were required to take her in immediately to secure her safety whilst we found her a home. Upon arrival to the sanctuary, Grace was quarantined for the appropriate time and when introduced to Pumpkin and Trotski, she immediately bonded with Pumpkin.

Grace mothers pumpkin and allows him to suckle on her tummy. They touch noses, snuggle up to one another, play, wallow and do everything a mother would do with her baby.

Once we saw the bond Grace and Pumpkin had, we realized we needed to make Happily Heifer After her long-term home! We cannot wait to watch her and Pumpkin’s relationship grow, and see Grace live out her life in sanctuary.

Grace loves to play with a yoga ball and if you give her some delicious fruit, she will thank you with a perfect baritone response.

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