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Become a Hen Parent!

Are you interested in rescuing hens from the egg laying industry and becoming a loving Hen Parent?  Well, you have come to the right place!  We have created partnerships with commercial egg farms to help save hens from being "culled" when their egg production starts to decline.  Hens are typically surrendered to our rehoming program at 16-18 months, as they go through their first moult.  It is important to understand you are adopting these hens and agreeing to give them a loving home, egg or no egg! They deserve a caring home now and for the rest of their natural lives.


Each hen has a $20 adoption fee. This fee is put towards the rehoming program to save further hens. Hens live happiest in groups of 2-10,  we always recommend starting with a minimum of 2. 

Hens make sure great pets, we cant wait to get you started on your hen parenthood journey! Please fill in the form below to apply:

Thanks for your application!

We will be in touch shortly!

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