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Wilma is the boss. There is no doubting that, she is by far our largest permanent resident and is the definition of a gentle giant, she is always the first to come up for a good neck scratch and head massage. Wilma was born infertile on a dairy farm. The farmer's family formed a connection to her so they kept her as a companion animal, however due to worsening drought conditions they were no longer able to care for Wilma. We were lucky enough to be put in contact with them and shortly after made the long trip to collect Wilma and bring her home.

Wilma is famous in our area for following joggers along the fence line and greeting strangers as they walk past. She is also definitely not shy about using her size to make sure she always gets the best bucket of food! If she gets the chance, at breakfast time she will move from bucket to bucket, picking all her favorite bits out.

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