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SID (Super Important Donkey)

In December 2019 we first heard of a Donkey who was tied up at a slaughterhouse 45 minutes north of us. Within 24 hours, SID arrived at the sanctuary. Scared, covered in scars and wary of anyone who came close to him. But most importantly, safe.

We didn't know much about where he came from, or what he had been through. First we had him fully checked over by our vet, we then made a plan to bring him back to full health, physically and mentally. Ten months later, he had a breakthrough! He opened up and approached us, looking for affection. He now loves having his body scratched and brushed.

Shortly after he began to open, up he met his best friend Jack, who allowed him to progress even further on the road to recovery. He is such a kind and gentle being, we can not even fathom what he has been through in the past. But we do know he has a bright future with nothing but love, affection and most importantly... Treats!

Sadly because of his traumatic past, he is very shy in nature. Sid is still looking for his forever home with his bestie Jack. Could it be with you?

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