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Rescued from a goat farm at just a few days old, George and Elroy are some of the lucky ones. These two have grew into strong, healthy and mischievous little men. They loved practicing their head butts on each other, jumping on things they shouldn’t and terrorising the older goats in the family. While they can’t fit in the feed bucket anymore, they still sleep like this as they grew up.


Elroy tragically passed away in early 2023 and George was adopted out to his Forever home in late 2023.


Just like people, animals form meaningful bonds.


They find best friends. The ones they choose to play with, spend their time with, share their food, groom, get into mischief with and show affection to.


This series of limited edition prints celebrates some of the friendships formed at Happily Heifer After.


Taken by our resident photographer Tiffany McLaughlan, each print has been individually numbered, ready for you to frame.


Only 25 of each have been printed.


Size A5 [5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in or 148 x 210 mm] printed on high quality photo paper.


100% of the money raised from the Best friends prints goes towards Rescuing, Rehabiliating and Rehoming animals that need us the most.

Limited Edition George and Elroy print

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