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In early January we noticed Timmy had an unusual bump on his nose. We immediately contacted our equine vets, and scheduled an appointment to investigate. They performed X-rays and a nasal scope, which found a mass inside Timmy’s nostril.


Our vets have not seen a mass in a nostril like this in over 20 years of practice. This is a concern. We don't yet know what it is, or the best way to treat it. A biopsy of the mass has been taken and sent off to pathology to see if it is benign or malignant. Once we get the results, we will be able to make a plan to remove the mass.


All of the investigative imagery and testing has cost us $1803.60 so far, and that hasn't included treatment and surgery We know Timmy will need to go to a specialised equine hospital and have surgery, costing thousands more .


We need your help. With sanctuary running costs at an all time high, this medical mystery couldn't have come at a worst time :( We will do everything in our power to get Timmy through this, he is only 15 years old and has so much life left to live.


We don't want finances to limit his treatment options... which is where you come in!


Please consider donating toward Timmy’s vet bills. Every single dollar counts, and if we all pitch in and work together we can make sure Timmy gets absolutely everything he needs to kick this little mass to the curb 💪



Help Us Help Timmy

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