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Fern & Hudson


Fern and Hudson were rescued in 2021, and found their forever home in 2022. Here is a little blurb from their new family:

"Animals of all shapes and sizes play an important role in our family. They teach us to care for one another, to be accepting of differences, to love unconditionally and that we work best as a team. Our youngest son, Tom, is definitely the poster boy when it comes to shining a light on the important role animals can play in our lives. Tom has some special needs which can make day to day life pretty challenging for him. However, the one thing he can always count on is the unconditional love he shares with his little family of goats, chickens, dog and now sheep!


 Hudson and Fern always put a smile on Tom's face. They always trot over for a cuddle and to say hello when he goes outside and they always give a hearty 'baa' when they see him coming with a bucket full of treats. Tom cares deeply for Hudson and Fern. He feeds them, he brushes them, he chats with them and he stands up for them when the goats get a bit bossy. In return, Hudson and Fern are awesome companions for Tom. They are always there to have a cuddle, to play follow the leader or to just sit together and share their calm. We all know that animals that have been rescued, nurtured, loved and adopted are lucky to have been given a second chance and a bright future. We are very proud to play our part in that, but honestly, I think that we are the lucky ones."

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