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Saved from slaughter in early 2022, Harriett has been through so much in her short 7 years of life. After years of trainers trying to turn her into someone she wasn't, she injured herself meaning she could no longer be a ridden horse. Although she is paddock sound, she is not able to carry the weight of someone on her back and that landed her dumped at the sale yard. Harriett was terrified and confused, pacing the length of the tiny muddy pen she was held in. As the auctioneers got to her yard, she kicked out and reared up as they yelled, "we've got a wild one folks".

Harriet was only being bid on by "meat buyers", she was destined for the slaughterhouse but we were not going to let that happen to this beautiful girl. We won her bid for less than $300, but knew we had a long road ahead of us to get this terrified young horse to trust us.

It takes a little longer to gain her trust, but once she trusts you she will follow you anywhere. She is a bit nervous of new things but very affectionate once she knows she is safe. She is a beautiful young horse who is finally ready to move on to the next chapter of her life!

Our team has spent so much time rehabilitating Harriett from her trauma, and we know that her perfect forever home is going to take a very special someone, but they may be out there! Could it be with you?

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