Rosie is a 24-year-old Australian stock horse. We rescued her from a sale yard in December 2019, where she would have been sold for dog food. We bought her for $15. Rosie was the most emaciated horse we had ever seen – several transport companies refused to transport her as they believed she wouldn’t survive the trip.

Rosie was a registered stock horse, used for competing and breeding her whole life, and when she was deemed no longer useful, she was badly abused, neglected, starved and dumped at the sales yard.

Rosie is still incredibly nervous and unsure of humans – due to the trauma she experienced she has many behavioural issues and because of this we have not been able to find the right person to adopt her. Rosie will live her life at the sanctuary where she is loved, respected and a valued family member.

Once Rosie gets to know you, she will love you unconditionally. Her best friend is Neffe and her favourite treat is Anzac biscuits.