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Our Special Roosters

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Did you know that Happily Heifer After is home to 13 Roosters? All coming from different places and circumstances these little fellas are all special in their own unique way.

While most are surrendered to no fault of their own, we do have a lot come to us from Hatching programs. A chicken hatching program is a chicken life cycle activity carried out in schools, pre-schools, kindergartens and aged care facilities across Australia. Whilst companies claim that they send chicks to live out their lives on hobby farms, their fate is always uncertain.

Shawn, pictured above came into our care after being dumped at our previous property, just a day after we moved. We of course answered the call about a roaming rooster, drove down and whisked him to safety.

Named after his rescuer, Shawn had the worst case of bumble foot we have ever seen. He was barely able to walk as the infection had taken over most of the soles of his feet. For 4 months now he has been having antibiotics, anti inflammatory and daily medicated feet treatments and we are finally starting to see major improvement.

He now lives out his days roaming around the Sanctuary, eating treats, hanging with the ladies and enjoying his favourite thing- Ear rubs and head massages.

Richard, pictured above has been with us for around 3 months now. He was living on the Sunshine Coast previously, but unfortunately was a little too noisy for his human neighbours.

Once he arrived at the Sanctuary, he was very nervous and really struggled to find his place within the flock, that was until Rita arrived....

Rita, a lovely Isa Brown lady whom was also surrender to us, arrived not long after Richard. It was love at first sight and he followed her around everywhere.

He now spends his days roaming around with his flock of ladies. He always calls out to them when he finds the extra delicious food and always lets them eat and drink first. What a gentleman!

Want to know how to support the Roosters that come into our care? You can become a Chicken Champion Sponsor via the link below:

Your generous Sponsorship directly supports all the Roosters that come into our care!

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